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Expert Forum: Frontline Perspectives on Recent Developments in Antitrust Litigation, Privacy and Mergers

This Cornerstone Research conference in London will address key issues related to antitrust damages, data privacy and mergers.


Expert Witness 2023

Dr. Marietta-Westberg will join a panel of attorneys to discuss the role of expert witnesses in complex litigation.

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Chris Lau and Joe Podwol Join Cornerstone Research

New hires from Federal Trade Commission and Antitrust Division of U.S. Department of Justice bring valuable antitrust, competition, and mergers experience.

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Cornerstone Research Report: SEC Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Activity Increased Sharply in FY 2022

Total monetary settlements decreased substantially compared to FY 2021.


SEC Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Activity—Year in Review: FY 2022

In fiscal year 2022, the SEC publicly disclosed 68 accounting and auditing enforcement actions, a 55% increase from the prior fiscal year.


21st Annual International Industrial Organization Conference (IIOC)

Cornerstone Research affiliated experts will be honored and present at this annual conference in Washington, DC.


2023 Motor Vehicle Product Liability Litigation Conference

Samid Hussain of Cornerstone Research will moderate a panel featuring Jonah Berger of the University of Pennsylvania and Ashley Langer of the University of Arizona.


Javier Cardenas et al. v. Toyota Motor Corp. et al.

Following a federal trial in Florida, a jury found Toyota not liable for claims and damages related to an alleged defect in the HVAC system of certain Camry vehicles.


When Tech Stumps Text: Section 11 Tracing Issues

Cornerstone Research hosted a virtual presentation by former SEC Chair Jay Clayton and Joseph Grundfest of Stanford Law School.


Accounting Class Action Filings and Settlements—2022 Review and Analysis

The number of securities class action filings involving accounting allegations increased slightly in 2022 but remained below historical average.

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Cornerstone Research Report: Total Value of Settlements in Accounting-Related Securities Class Actions Rises in 2022

Though filings involving accounting allegations increased slightly in 2022, they remained well below the historical average.


Appraisal Litigation in Delaware—Trends in Petitions and Opinions, 2006–2022

Court-awarded premiums have also fallen sharply as court rulings have relied more on market evidence and deal price.

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