Vildan Altuglu

Vice President


  • New York


Vildan Altuglu applies economic analysis and marketing research techniques to matters involving product liability, product misrepresentation, false advertising, antitrust, intellectual property, and general business litigation. She is a leader of the firm’s consumer fraud and product liability practice. Dr. Altuglu has expertise addressing class certification and liability issues using economic, marketing, and consumer behavior data. She has experience in cases involving data breaches and allegations of unauthorized access to personally identifying data. Dr. Altuglu’s industry experience includes automobiles, consumer financial products, consumer packaged goods, technology products, and pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Altuglu has been a leader of the firm’s efforts to develop relationships with leading marketing faculty, with whom she works regularly on client matters, supporting the preparation of their expert assessments. In addition, she has worked extensively with industrial organization economists, conducting empirical analyses and preparing expert testimony.

Consumer class actions

Dr. Altuglu has consulted on consumer class actions involving false advertising, product misrepresentation, product defect, product labeling, and deceptive retail pricing claims. She has analyzed economic and market data to assess heterogeneity and harm among putative class members. She has rebutted damages and has extensive experience in conjoint analysis rebuttal.

Dr. Altuglu has designed and conducted complex surveys to address exposure, reliance, materiality, and consumer heterogeneity issues at the class certification stage, as well as liability issues at the merits stage. She has also conducted content analysis of manufacturer marketing communications and social media content.

Dr. Altuglu has worked on multiple product liability cases involving major automobile manufacturers. She has extensive experience in consumer class actions related to data breaches, alleged unauthorized access to private information, and misuse of personally identifying data. In this context, she has analyzed class certification and damages issues involving app developers, major U.S. credit reporting bureaus, publishing companies, restaurant chains, smart device manufacturers, and social media sites, among others.

Dr. Altuglu serves as vice chair of the Advertising Disputes and Litigation Committee for the Section of Antitrust Law of the American Bar Association.

Intellectual property

Dr. Altuglu has addressed a range of economic and consumer behavior issues in intellectual property rights matters, including those involving trademark, trade dress, and copyright infringement claims. Her experience includes damages analysis, as well as analysis related to likelihood of confusion, trademark dilution and blurring, and irreparable harm.

Antitrust and competition

Across multiple high-profile antitrust matters, Dr. Altuglu has analyzed branding, marketing, and consumer behavior issues related to consumer financial products.


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